One of Dr Jenny's areas of interest over the years has been in the field of small animal reproduction.

While she is not a specialist in this area she has had many years of success in the area of reproduction and working with breeders.

At NAC we work with registered breeders of Dogs NSW to promote responsible dog breeding and to contribute to the pure bred dog world while aiming to educate on responsible breeding practices. The staff at NAC share in the interest of reproduction, we always love to meet and cuddle a new baby!

Jenny is available for consultations regarding breeding by appointment. The services we can offer to breeders are:-

1) Pre-breeding health check/assessment of dogs/cats prior to mating

2) Lab tests as required

3) Artificial Insemination

4) Healthcare advice of bitch during pregnancy / after birth

5) Ultrasound to confirm pregnancy

6) X-Ray to confirm numbers prior to delivery

7) Whelping advice for clients/patients

8) Ceasarian when necessary

9) Puppy / mother health checks/rearing advice post whelping

10) Vaccination, microchipping, worming for puppies/kittens before going to new homes

11) DNA testing for genetic diseases


For any more information please contact us for an appointment.